Setting the Table: Creating Human Connection through Live Audio (Flagship Course)

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Hi, I'm Nathan Peterson and this:

Setting the Table: Creating Human Connection through Live Audio

I've worked in the music, production, and volunteer worlds for over 25 years. In my time I have created transformational live audio experiences for thousands by focusing on one thing above all else: human connection.

This approach to audio is refreshingly simple, intuitive, and powerful. Whether you're a seasoned engineer or starting out today, you will receive fresh, practical tools for creating powerful, connective live audio with minimal effort.

  • Reframe live sound techniques, focusing first on creating human connection
  • Apply the 80:20 principle to tools and techniques (focus on what actually works and drop the rest)
  • Achieve mixes that consistently feel organic, alive, and human
  • Learn a simple framework for effective live audio that can easily be taught to others

Get the course today for $599 — less than the cost of a single workshop, and teaches the equivalent of 4 of workshops!

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Section 1: Philosophy
  • Section 2: Overview of the Signal Chain
  • Original Vibration
  • Microphones and Direct Boxes
  • Preamp (Gain)
  • HPF
  • EQ
  • Dynamics
  • Effects
  • Panning and Faders
  • PA Processing
  • Speakers
  • The Room
  • Feedback
  • Reception (The Finish Line!)
  • Setting the Table pt1
  • Setting the Table pt2 & Closing
  • Opinions, Complaints, and SPL Meters
  • Monitoring Experimentation
  • Specific Tips for Community Gatherings

Follow-up Coaching

1:1 follow-up coaching sessions for organizations who would like to ask questions and get advice specific to their unique scenario are available for $1500, in limited supply. Reach out to inquire about scheduling a session.

A Shorter, Cheaper Option: The Essential Guide

If you're not sure yet, you can "dip your toe" into this material with my 70-minute course, The Essential Guide for Audio Volunteers. It goes over the same values and process, only less detailed and 4x faster, and can be a nice overview of the material. If you devour it and want more, come back for the full course!

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Last updated Jun 2, 2024

Immediate access to the full 4-hour course in lecture-format.

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Setting the Table: Creating Human Connection through Live Audio (Flagship Course)

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