The Essential Guide for Live Audio Volunteers


The Essential Guide for Live Audio Volunteers: For Churches, Schools, and Community Theaters.

In just 70 minutes, you will gain a clear understanding of the entire signal chain's flow and learn how to set up a natural and professional-sounding mix quickly, objectively, and simply.

Drawing from my decades of professional experience, this course helps volunteers simplify live audio setups, significantly improve sound quality, and foster deeper connections between the stage and the audience. I walk you through every step I have taken countless times when hired by organizations to solve their audio problems. I'll show you exactly what I do to achieve the best sound, often before even starting to use my ears (!)—just by setting up the basics properly.

You'll learn how to create a basic mix structure without the need for subjective decisions, making this course perfect for overwhelmed volunteers and frustrated directors alike.

Follow-up Coaching

1:1 follow-up coaching sessions for organizations who would like to ask questions and get advice specific to their unique scenario are available for $1500, in limited supply. Reach out to inquire about scheduling a session.

A Deeper Dive: Setting the Table

If you want to take a deeper dive, check out my 4.5-hour masterclass, Setting the Table (my recommendation: start with this one and go to that one if you want to go deeper.)

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Last updated Jun 10, 2024

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The Essential Guide for Live Audio Volunteers

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